Selling a home is an emotional experience. You have memories in your home and saying goodbye to those is not an easy thing to do. Your MW Realtor is here to help. We don’t want you to say goodbye to your memories, we want to help you take those memories with you and make new ones!

The Selling Process

Listing Appointment

sellers listing appointment
Your MW Realtor will come to your home. You will meet with them and discuss your home’s value, features, perks, changes, etc. to help determine the best listing price for your home as well as the strategy best suited to getting is sold in the timeframe you have in mind.

Cleaning and Organizing

cleaning house
Before your home goes on the market we want to help you get organized. This will make your move easy and make the home as presentable as possible. This is also a great time to recollect your time in the home. Your MW Agent may make suggestions to you that they believe will help make the home the most sellable it can be. They can also help you find a good person to give your home a deep cleaning. This process does wonders to make a house sell faster.


Your MW Agent will engage the services of a Professional Photographer. They will frame your home in its best light and then your agent will use those photos to tell a story.

Sign in the yard, lets go!

for sale sign
Once your MW Realtor puts their sign in the yard you are off to the races. What you haven’t seen is how much work they have already done to market your home. Your home will have already spent time in Social Media, at Breakfast Clubs, in Realtor Forums and much, much more. MW Agents don’t rely on just one place to market homes. They use every resource at their disposal to list YOUR home. Each house is different, and so is the process that each house much be marketed with.

Open Houses

open houses
Depending on your desires and willingness, your MW Realtor may hold one or more open houses. These are a great opportunity to show off your house to the public and to Brokers. They will always be hosted by your MW Agent and or a member of the MW family.


seller showings
Showings in your home will never happen without a licensed Realtor present. A log of all showings will be kept and when feedback is provided by agents it will be shared with you.


seller scheduling
MW Utilizes the services of Centralized Showing Service or CSS. This allows you to determine when your home is shown or not. It automates the process so there is no delay in getting people to see your home.


seller negotiation
Your MW Realtor will engage with any offer than is brought forth. They will help you see the merits of any offer regardless of its overall quality and they will fight to preserve the value of your home.

Contract Status

seller contract status
Your MW Realtor will make sure the balance of the transaction occurs without incident. When opportunities arise, they will swiftly respond to them and creatively problem solve them.

Staging Checklist

Here’s the thing, staging is important.  As much as we all would like to believe that we are amazing and can do it ourselves, the fact of the matter is we probably aren’t and shouldn’t.  You wouldn’t represent yourself in court, or treat yourself for an illness, so why would you try to gussy up your most valuable asset?  Get someone to help you that you trust and who shares your vision for what the story of your home should/could be.  Your MW Realtor is an excellent resource for Nashville’s top stagers, and they can pair you with one that will match your personality and that of your home.
  • De-clutter (You don’t really need the world to know that your collection of phone charging cables is unrivaled, do you?)

  • Take photos of family off of walls. (A few photos around the house is okay, but remember, we are trying to get people to imagine themselves living there, not imagining themselves with roommates.)

  • If you plan to move prior to the sale of your home, repaint tired walls prior to the stagers going to work. Have the stager help you choose a complimentary color.

  • Make the bed! Our lives are messy, we get it, but we don’t need to remind potential buyers about it.

  • Get stuff off the floor, especially in closets. This makes your closets look bigger, and you might find that treasure map you were missing.

  • Take appliances off the counters. Show off that open space, let it breath!

  • Toilet lids… close them. It makes it look like they aren’t used. I know that’s silly, but people have a funny way of deciding for themselves the story of a home.

  • Take everything off the fridge. We get it, it’s a message center, but it’s time to switch to email for a little while. At least until the house is sold.

  • Mow your lawn, trim your hedges and get your weeds under control man. Your house gets sized up from the street first, so make sure it looks like the grand estate you promised them with your photos.

  • Clean. Not the weekly light cleaning we usually do- the deep, deep cleaning that makes your house shine like you forgot it could. A clean house will sell faster than a dirty one all week long.

What's Your Home Worth?

When it comes time to sell your house, most sellers have one burning question: What is my home worth? MW Real Estate is here to help you accurately calculate what your existing home could sell for.