Our agents make the buying process as simple as possible.  Think of us as a concierge service for buying a home.  We handle everything!  The process is simple and here is how we make sure it stays that way!


Initial Meeting

Your agent will meet with you to discuss this process and to gather information about your needs, wants and dreams.

Search Tour

You and your agent will take a tour of prospect communities.  You will identify features you like and dislike.  This is also your opportunity to discover things that you might not have even known were important to you.

Narrowing Down Tour

You and your agent will revisit some of the properties you have already toured and perhaps a few more. During this tour you should be discussing pros and cons with your agent. They are there to help you determine if the home fits your basic and extended needs.


Your agent will determine the best comparable sales and competition properties to help create a purchase strategy with you.


Our agents will leverage every aspect of the transaction in order to get you the best value for your home. Taking into account your unique needs as a home buyer, your Agent will determine the strategy that is best suited to making the home yours!

Contract to Close

Your Agent will handle everything here! From putting together all the paperwork, getting signatures, communicating with your lender, bank and title company, to helping you find the right movers and service providers.  Our agents will assist you in making the decisions that will help make a very complicated process go off like a dream.


Your Agent will be with you right up to the end and then beyond. At the closing table your Agent will help translate the title language and be another set of eyes to make sure you are as protected as possible as it relates to this transaction.


Your agent will remain in close touch with you to make sure your home is exactly what you hoped it would be. They will check-in as your life unfolds in your new home.
Your MW Realtor will be by your side from start to finish.
As your life changes, your MW Realtor will be there to help you.

Moving Guide

  • Boxes labeled with rooms they belong to/are going to

  • Loose items are collected, sorted and purged as needed

  • Nail holes are patched/painted

  • House is cleaned (You’ll do this again after everything is out. Karma is important here)

  • Do your successor a solid and make sure that all the light bulbs work

  • Empty and clean your fridge. Even if it’s coming with you there is something nice about a clean fridge.

  • Call utilities to make sure that things are transferred or cancelled as needed.

  • Organize internet service for your new place (This can be a hassle so get it done early)

  • Pack “Go Bags” for each family member and include chargers, toys, emergency snacks, toiletries and whatever else is a necessity.

  • Set rolls of toilet paper by the front door (You’ll be glad that you remembered this when you move into your new place)

  • Fill your car with gas. You’ll be busy for a few days and having to stop for gas isn’t on the agenda.

  • Eat a good breakfast (Not greasy, get something healthy and filling in you)

  • Put items not going with movers to the side or better yet in your car

  • OPTIONAL: Go to your new place and make sure that everything is ready for you. AC/Heat working, Water running, Power on, etc…

  • Make a clear path for movers to get from their truck to your house (Most intra-city movers charge by the hour, so making the move as efficient as possible is a good call.

  • Go to the ATM and get cash for tipping. Yes, it’s appropriate for good movers.

  • Get drinks for movers (Gatorade, water, soda, etc. Not beer)

  • Meet movers, give them the run down, then leave them alone. Let them do their thing. The less you interrupt them, the faster they will get the job done.

  • Keep track of the number of boxes that leave the house

  • When the truck is loaded make sure the movers know exactly where they are going and how to get there. Offer to lead them if needed.

  • Lock up your old house. It was a good ride old friend, now good riddance!

  • Meet movers at new place. Now your job as traffic cop begins. Give the movers a run-down of which rooms are which and then station yourself at the front door. Bring a chair for this.

  • Count your boxes (Did they all arrive?)

  • Inspect any large items like furniture or other valuables.

  • Keep the receipt they give you.

  • First things to unpack: toiletries (hand soap, dish soap, shampoo), paper towels and cleaning products, bath towels and sheets

  • Get your jam on. Play your music loud…less talky talky, more worky worky!

  • Break down your boxes as you go and make a pile… or three.

  • Before you start really unpacking, eat something…anything. You are tired, mentally and physically, it’s time to refuel. This is a great time to try out the delivery options in your new neighborhood.

How Much Can I Afford?

As a home buyer, it’s important to have a certain level of comfort in understanding your monthly mortgage payments. While your household income and monthly debts may be relatively stable, your overall savings and how much you wish to allocate toward your home can vary depending on how much you want to set aside for a rainy day or how much you want to set aside for a future expenditure.