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Seth Riddle


It’s all about community.

The son of a music-teaching realtor and a manufacturer of moulding and millwork, Seth Riddle grew up in Greer, SC, a small textile town in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains. In 1994 BMW broke ground on their North American Headquarters, farms turned into housing developments, industrial parks, and corporate centers and the town became the region’s hub for international business. After finishing college, Seth headed to San Francisco where he saw the beginning of the digital revolution and the impact of the dot-com bubble bursting. Seth pulled pints in a hundreds year old pub along the Irish Sea as he awaited the birth of his daughter.  For the last seventeen years, Seth has been proud to make the diverse and rapidly evolving community of East Nashville his home. These experiences have shaped his idea of what community means and encouraged him to be a good steward of whatever community he’s a part of.

Seth’s deep local knowledge parlayed with a keen focus on his clients’ needs and goals creates a fertile environment for a smooth and fulfilling experience from initial consultation to closing and beyond.